We put our customers first, offering edible on-the-go solutions for health conscious consumers. Our production facilities and sophisticated quality control systems enable our team to create a truly competitive product, efficiently manage demand and build long-term partner relations.

The expansion of our business network and end consumer interaction are an integral part of our development strategy. We're ready to work in close cooperation with other trading partners to make our products more accessible to a growing number of new and regular customers. 

theMuesli and theKasha are normally found in large and small supermarkets and healthy food stores, as well as hospitality, sports and beauty events and industries. Give your guests a pack of delicious muesli or let them take it with them. Our special Vanilla Oatmeal With Stevia flavor is also available for sale in pharmacies. 

Did you like our products and our company? Do you want to help people find convenient and tasty solutions for their hunger? We can work together. Contact us and soon we'll discuss how we can benefit you.

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Smart Watch

Smart Edition

Smart Edition

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8mm Silver Aluminum Case with Blue Sport Band. Its perfect fit for tracking fitness. 100% waterproof. Buy this limted edition sports edition.

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