the muesli

Easy to carry single-serve pack for muesli and oatmeal, making it convenient to eat anywhere

Just add milk
Transportable cup
100% Natural ingredients
Convenient to eat anywhere


Delicious and healthy muesli and oats, made with love for you

Open the pack

theMuesli comes in portable cans or easy to carry single-serve containers

Add a mixer

Add milk, yoghurt, juice or whatever you can think of to personalize your muesli.


theMuesli and theKasha are always fresh, made with exciting flavors and natural ingredients


We've made our muesli and oatmeal delicious and healthy for our customers

Organic grains

Only the best oats, rice, buckwheat, and corn are used

Berries and fruits

Filled with vitamins, we only source from premium suppliers

No preservatives

All of our products are 100% natural and free of GMOs and preservatives

Convenient container

Our eco-packs have been designed with the customer in mind so they can take them anywhere they go

Affordable price

Our focus is on our customer’s needs and we heavily invest time to research demand and positive market prices

Quality control

Our products are subjected to constant quality control and our production facilities are thoroughly standardized to ensure consistent quality.


heMuesli can quickly fill up the biggest of appetites


High concentration of vitamins and important nutrients


Ready to go when and where you need it


Wide variety of tastes to meet the needs of any customer


Creative packaging grabs attention and stands out on the shelf


Stringent production control and premium ingredients

Our products

All theMuesli products

Blueberry Fit Muesli

350 gr.

Chocolate Crunch Muesli

350 gr.

Berry Bonanza Muesli

350 gr.

Chocolate Crunch Muesli

65 gr.

Berry Bonanza Muesli

65 gr.

Fitness muesli with blueberry

65 gr.

Berry Oatmeal

40 gr.

Vanilla Oatmeal With Stevia

40 gr.

Chocolate-Banana Oatmeal

40 gr.

Berry Oatmeal

350 gr.

Vanilla Oatmeal With Stevia

350 gr.

Chocolate-Banana Oatmeal

350 gr.


Oatmeal in a convenient single-serve pack, ready in three minutes in a microwave oven.


theKasha is ideal for the hospitality, sports and beauty industries. Give your guests delicious oatmeal for easy cleanup or let them take it home. We are ready to offer our partners advertising stands and marketing materials.


The expansion of our business network and our proximity to end consumers are an integral part of our development strategy. We're ready to work in close cooperation with our trading partners to ensure growth and development of our customer base. Get in touch, we will answer any questions.


Do you have any questions? We've got answers. Please, send messages to

What is themuesli?

theMuesli and theKasha are an innovation for the cereal market. theMuesli and theKasha are private brands of "Fitmart" LLC. Our company wants to help our customers stay active all day by offering them delicious and healthy products at affordable prices.

What is the nutritional and energy value of your products?

You can find the nutritional and energy value of our products on the pack. For detailed information you can write: Our specialists will send you all the necessary information.

Is theMuesli and theKasha a morning only meal?

Muesli and oatmeal are an excellent meal at any time of day. Thanks to the single-serve pack you can take a healthy substitute for a meal with you on the go.

Where can I buy it?

theMuesli and theKasha are sold at an ever growing list of locations. You can mostly find our products in large and small supermarkets, health food stores, and gas stations, as well as used in hospitality, sports and beauty industries.

Cooperation with trading partners

Do you like our products? Do you want to sell engaging eye catching products that are delicious and healthy? Then we are happy to work with you. Contact us and we will work out how we can partner together.


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